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Using CanWIN's Interactive Notebooks

Finding and editing shared scripts (notebooks) 📔

  • Click on Code in the left sidebar menu. Clicking on Your work under Code will show you a list of all the notebooks you have created, or all the notebooks shared with you.

  • Click on Shared With You to access notebooks shared by CanWIN.

  • Click on the notebook of choice.
  • You will be able to view the original notebook; to edit (add data and run), click Copy & Edit.

  • If you, or someone else has already edited a copy of this script that is still on the server, you will see Edit My Copy. If you are not the previous editor, or you would like to edit a fresh version of the notebook, select Copy & edit notebook instead.

Adding data 📝

  • To add data:

  • After adding your data by browsing or dragging and dropping, you can create the dataset. Note that you can add a zipped file with data and it will be automatically unzipped.

3. Run Notebook

  • Simply click Run All!

  • Note: After clicking Run All the session should start, with the circle turning green indicating an active session. If widgets are not loading, turn session off and turn it back on (or alternatively click the Factory reset button).

Deleting your copy

  • When you are finished runing the script, you may delete your copy.

Note: All draft notebooks and data will be deleted weekly.

  • If for some reason you need to save your draft of the notebook with your data, you can add an identifier to the notebook name (such as your name or initials). You can then leave Kaggle and your draft will be saved temporarily.