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Troubleshooting and best practices


Incorrect time series format

GeoNode will typically recognize if a layer has a time component automatically, however, if the layer isn't recognized, it is likely that the format of the timestamp will need to be modified. Year and date components are easily recognized, however, timestamps (date and time) need to be in a specific format.

Solution: See table below for the appropriate formats for date-time information. Ensure that the timestamp is in a "Text" format when including time.

Field Format
Date with time (include just date in time series) YYYY-MM-DD'T'hh:mm:ss
Do not include (') symbol in format
Date with time (include date and time in time series) YYYY-MM-DD'T'hh:mm:ss'Z'
Do not include (') symbol in format

'Missing OGC reference metadata' error

If you are unable to add a layer to a map and there is an error message, 'Missing OGC reference metadata', this can occur when the layer name contains a comma (,).

Solution: Remove the comma from layer name. This will remove the error message, and you should be able to add the layer to the map.

Trouble adding keywords

Sometimes adding new keywords can cause all the keywords to be deleted.

Solution: The simplest way to add a keyword and avoid potentially deleting the others is by copying and pasting the intended word into the field and pressing Enter, or clicking the word from the drop-down menu.

Best Practices

Naming conventions

  • Names can contain letters, numbers, spaces, and dashes ("-")
  • Names cannot contain symbols (e.g., "!", "_", "&", "%", etc.)

Colour-blind safe colours

  • Try your best to use colours for the Style Layer Descriptors (SLDs) that are colour-blind safe.

Resources for finding colour-blind safe colours:


  • Always spell out a number at the beginning of a sentence.
  • In headlines, numbers below 10 can be written as numerals to save space.
  • Use numerals for ages (when following a name), years, addresses, decimals, votes, scores, and other measurements.
  • For percentages (e.g., 60%) always write out ‘per cent’ as in “60 per cent.”

Standardized Style Layer Descriptors

SLDs can be created or uploaded in GeoNode. See GeoNode Users Guide Dataset Styling for instructions on creating SLDs.